Inland Empire's Personal IT Specialist.

With my years of experience, I provide technical help and services for your computer needs. Ranging from Computer repair, Virus and Spyware removal, upgrade, software and hardware installation, networking and many more. If I cannot resolve your issue, I don't get paid. 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Virus & Spyware removal

Having strange issues with your operating system? Pop-up messages telling you to purchase a software? Many times, it's a virus running in the background slowing down resources or a spyware keeping track of your keystrokes and visited web sites. Those can all be removed safely.

PC Tune Up, Cleaning & Optimization

Slow boot-up time or software starting up? Computers can become cluttered with useless software that are using up unnecessary resources.

On-Site Computer Repair

I am able to come directly to your home or office to provide a service. Usually same day, next day services or set up a time that best fits your schedule.

Data Recovery and Backup

Have data that needs to be recovered? Important data are sometimes accidently deleted and recovery is very possible.

Hardware Repair

Broke your computer screen or spilled soda on your laptop? LCD screen, keyboards and internal components can all be repaired.


Do you have more than one computer that you want networked? A network allows your computers to share files, a printer, and an Internet connection. A wireless network can provide internet access to all devices in your home to share the internet.

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