Adjustable License Bracket

This is perfect for JDM fags.
But if you have a JDM bumper that doesn't work with USDM license plate,
you can use this bracket to mount your plates.
Total cost: Around $5 - Total time: 20 Hours - Respect from JDM fags: Priceless

Shopping List:
- Aluminum Angel (offset) 1/16" Thick 3/4 x 36" $3.09
(you can use non angle offset)
- #12-24 x 1/2" Round head slotted screws $0.98
- 1/4" Lock Washers $0.98

Tool List:
- Dremel with tons of Heavy-Duty Cutting Wheel
- Ruler
- Drill with some bits
- Something to write with

Grinder, wet sand paper

I dont have exact measurements for the license plate holes, just line up your plates on the bracket and drill.
If you're doing this for USDM bumper, drill USDM holes instead of JDM holes.
If you use a non-angel aluminum, just ignore the top area. This would save cutting time if you choose this method.

I eye-ball most of my measurements because I'm crazy.

This is what you should get after masturbating with the dremel. I use wet-sand paper to get rid of the permanent marker. It also made the bracket brush-bling bling

Don't mind the zip-tie. I didn't have time to remove the bumper to put the bolt on correctly.
Now your car will gain more JDM points at a car show.