Updated: 3.8.07

Shopping List:
97-98 Nissan 240sx headlights
04+ Honda s2000 headlights
Denso ballast D2S/D2R from Toyota/Lexus IS300
Philips 85122 (4300K) D2S bulbs
Bosch relays
12 gauge wires
¼”-20x1½ bolts with nuts
#8 flat washers (washer mod)
¼” flat washers

The goods:

I know some don't like to put the headlights in the oven and rather use heat gun.
But I like to do this "female dog" fast. I took pictures of one headlight of each car. But it's the same steps on the other headlight.
I'm using LEFT HID Projector on RIGHT 240sx Headlight and viversa.

How to remove projectors from headlight housing.

This is what you end up with:

Do the same to the 240sx headlights too.

What to cut on s2000 bracket (this is another member's picture, I forgot to take one myself):

s2000 washer mod (this is only needed if you want more color on the cutoff):

Onto the 240sx headlight bracket:

Mark the cutoff line using the stock halogen projector. Now you need to make the Circle opening an Oval so the s2000 projectors can fit. Line up the projector with the cutoff line and drill the two holes to mount the projectors. Use the bolts and mount them onto the projector. Now line up the projector to the light bracket and screw it down. The projector rear bowl should mount flush with the headlight bracket. Make small adjustments so the projector is perfectly even with the headlight bracket.

Then you'll end up with something like this:

I ran into some problems:

How to fix this problem:

Bolt everything back together. I put the headlight back into the oven to heatup the putty.
Do the same to the other 240sx light.

Finial results:

Bolt everything back on the car and adjust them.

The cutoff

Building HID harness

Don't expect to just tap into your stock halogen harness; the wiring isn't built for HID power.
HID ballast uses high voltages on startup. This is why an HID harness is needed.

High Beam problems on zenki s14

Using a diode will fix the high beam problem. It keeps the LOW On when the High is switched.
When you flash the HIGH, it will also flash the LOW.

the Kouki headlamp relay gives (+) power to LOW when the HIGH switch is active.

Zenki S14

Kouki S14